What does it mean to be ‘Live’? Part 3

What does it mean to be live? Part 3
Following from our previous posts on the ‘The Virtual Presenter’, “What does it mean to present in the ‘live’ world?”

In this series o
f blog posts, we’ll take a tour of some of the industries that have already grappled with this question.
1 Theatre
2 Music

3 Movies
When movies were released as videos and DVDs, it was commonly thought that cinemas would close too.
They haven’t.

Movies continue to be attractive because it’s worth seeing something on the big screen with big sound.

Currency is also vital. Seeing a movie before your
friends do is worth bragging rights.
It als
o becomes a place to hang out for various reasons…
I love a movie on a hot summers day with an ice-cream. The air-con is worth the price alone!

Note: The snack-bar can be the most profitable part of the movie for the cinema owner.

Also, think back to the back row. What have you done during a movie that you won’t tell you grandchildren about? Does a darkened room help your story?


  • What can you provide in a movie, recorded YouTube format that you can’t provide live?
  • Think of your play reel. You can edit out the bad bits, stack in the good bits, time it perfectly, add sound, add special effects and…
  • Also, what’s the timeframe for your story? Do you have a latest release? And, who gets to see it?
  • Are clients paying for a re-run or new release?
  • What’s your snack-bar? Are you leaving profits behinds?

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