Lesson 2 : What Are You Already Doing?

Pear - low-hanging-fruitSo how do you create low hanging fruit?
At first I thought I had to go off and create something from scratch.
Then I had a brainwave.
I often joke that one of my greatest strengths is that I’m fundamentally lazy! LOL!
What I really mean is that I typically look for short cuts.
Surprisingly, when I rapped Gregory Bern’s Iconoclast (Book Rapper issue Eye Create), I realised we all have lazy brains.
In other words, as a survival mechanism our brains are designed to look for shortcuts.
Phew! At least I was normal…

So, the obvious place to look for low hanging fruit is in what you’re already doing.
And this is where the seeds of Book Rapper were found.

I listed a bunch of things that I was already doing.
It read something like this…

  • Writing training manuals
  • Designing my own website
  • Doing my own book keeping – eek!
  • Creating remarkable plans and strategies
  • Constantly drawing models and visualizing concepts
  • Reading lots of books and taking notes
  • Creating puzzles and card games
  • Writing articles
  • Exercising at the gym
  • Sparking ideas over lunch for friends

Lesson: What are you already doing that could be converted, transformed and packaged into a low hanging fruit option? Make a list of your current activities, spot the best opportunity and package it up for sale.

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