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Blogging Heroes - Michael A Banks - Book CoverAs a media channel, a blog doesn’t follow the same rules for success as a magazine, newspaper, radio station or TV channel. Understanding the nature of the blog medium will enhance the results you produce. Here are six tips to help you create your own media channel.

The following was sourced from We Blog – a Book Rapper summary of Michael A Banks’ book, Blogging Heroes.

1 Informal

If print media is like giving a formal speech, then blogging is like having a chat with your friends. Its style is more relaxed, conversational, and intimate. Be provocative and ask questions to encourage feedback and build the dialogue.

Action: Write your blog in the way that you speak. Or, record your voice and then post the audio file instead.

We Blog - How to create your own media channel2 Niche

It’s my media channel and I’ll cry, rant, share and gossip if I want to! Pick a topic that means something to you. Remember, you have a potential worldwide audience so your focus can be as quirky, distinct, unique, and personal as you’d like it to be. There’ll probably still be an audience for you. Yep, even for you!

Action: What do you REALLY want to blog about? Write down several niches that appeal.

3 Multi-media

Blogs don’t need to be just words. Any digital mode works. To create interest add images, your own video or link to others on YouTube. Your blog may be a single format or a combination of several. For instance, post a fresh photo one day and an audio track or, a vlog (video log) another day.

Action: What’s your best mode? Are you a photo snapper? Do you talk better than you write? Do you have a face for audio? Are cartoons or animations your speciality?

4 Timely

Magazines are stuck in time; they rely on deadlines. Once a deadline has passed the opportunity to update is gone – until the next issue. By contrast, blogs are instant publishing. Write it now, press ‘publish’, and the world can read it. You can update any time, and as often as you want. Blogs live in real-time, not artificial deadlines. Bonus: A reader might reply immediately. Instant feedback!

Action: When? How Often? What’s your plan? To avoid writers block, write when you’re hot, and keep a couple of posts up your sleeve for when you’re not.

5 Free

How much does it cost to publish a magazine? A TV channel? Any other business? A blog can be created for free – you don’t even need a computer if you’re happy to go down to the local library. Blogging software and hosting for your posting is also free. No excuses now!

Action: Time is the price you’ll pay to build your blogging empire. How much time are you willing to invest?

6 Global

The web is a global phenomenon and so is your blog. Your focus may be local – as in a council issue or, it may be highly niched.

Action: You’ll get lost in the blogosphere if you don’t focus on something. Be clear about who is your intended audience. Let this audience focus shape your content.

One more thing…

A media channel is not just a thing you build for your business. It’s also a mindset. It’s the way you need to think to build your blogging empire. Stop calling yourself a blogger or content creator. Start thinking in terms of your media business. This will help you spot opportunities to grow and act like a leader.

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