Value Proposition Design

Value Proposition Design

The Book

  • Value Proposition Design – How to create products and services customers want.
  • Authors: Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Greg Bernarda, Alan Smith and designed by Trish Papadakos.

The BIG Idea

How do you create value for your customers? That really is one of the most fundamental questions you can ask in your business. It implies two things: you know who your customers are and what they want. This fits for business to consumer markets and internal stakeholders within organisations. As the book title suggests, your value proposition is the key to creating products and services your customers actually want.

Speed RAP

The Value Proposition is broken down into two key chunks:

  1. Customer Profile: looks at your list of products and services and identify the gains they create for your customers and the pains they relieve
  2. Value Map: looks at the jobs your customers are trying to get done plus the gains or benefits they are seeking and pains or obstacles they want to overcome or avoid.

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Book Review

This book is…

  • The sister to Business Model Design. And, it digs deep on two of the elements of the Business Model Canvas from that book – the Customer Segment and the Value Proposition. We rapped this book over at Book Rapper.
  • Filled with oodles of juicy examples, including the value proposition the authors created for their own book
  • Supported by an extensive list of online resources – some are free and some are for fee.
  • Beautifully designed with eye-catching visuals and lots of diagrams to visually explain the core concepts.
  • A workshop manual for how to implement these concepts in your organization. If you’re skilled in facilitation there’s enough design thinking exercises here to run your own consulting program…

Book Website

Buy It If…

Buy this book if you want to add more value to your new or existing customers. Or, if you want to create products and services they really want…


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