Twit Rapper: Design Advantage, Part 2

Twit Rapper: A Book Rapper Book Summary in 26 tweets… Numbered tweets, 1A= first book, tweet A. Read all 26!

Here’s the second half and remaining 13 tweets from Book Rapper’s Design Advantage.

1N: Opportunity 1: Your business solves a problem. Change the way you solve this problem.

1O: Opportunity 2: Take the knowledge out of your employee’s heads and put it into a system for others to run.

1P: Abductive Logic asks ‘what could be’. Dilemma! Cannot prove or disprove a new idea in advance.

1Q: Design Thinking blends creativity and business. It relies on Abductive Logic. Crucial for optimal business performance.

1R: Employing Design Thinking aims to offset the bias toward Reliability and make room for Valid alternatives

1S: Adding Design Thinking to organizations is like rebuilding a new house from the inside. It’s a cultural change.

1T: Continuous work is consistent. Design work is different work. Create projects to fuel collaboration and innovation.

1U: The best way to learn about Design Thinking is to do it. Design something, anything. Logo, holiday, wardrobe… Make design a habit.

1V: If leading for reliability is like training a dog, then leading designers may be closer to training a cat.

1W: To enhance your design impact, see the world differently. Core driver = create the future. See obstacles as opportunities.

1X: Knowing how to work with non-designer analyticals is crucial to designers who want to make an impact. Learn their language.

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