The Web Line: What You Need to Succeed Online, Part 1

The Web Line: What You Need to Succeed Online, Part 1

The Book
Chris Brogan & Julien Smith, Trust Agents

Speed RAP
The web and social media is re-humanizing business and our interactions with each other. Gone are the days of interrupting, talking at and selling to gain attention. Today we need to build trust, be helpful and converse with other human beings.

The Big Idea
The command and control military style leadership and in-your-face selling of the past is dead on the web. To succeed online using social media you need to lead from behind. Build trust, develop credibility and if you help enough people the sales will come.

Your Challenge
Stay above the Web Line! Build a followership. Become a lighthouse leader. Attract people to you, help them avoid the rocks and give them something to look out for.

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