The Glue Generation

RAP1 : The Glue Generation

Derived from: Iggy Pintado, Connection Generation

PROFIT :  When were you born? Which generation are you? Well, it no longer matters. Digital technology has united us all. We’re the Connection Generation. They say we’re now only six clicks away from anyone on the planet…

Digital media has grabbed Planet Earth and shaken it like a snow-globe – even the things we hold dear.
Traditional connection started with the family. It was the biological connection to your parents, your familial connection to your siblings and the pathway to your ancestors.
Next we had our local face-to-face connections. The neighbour over the back fence, the friends from school, the fat lady with the moustache at the corner shop.
Now we can have intimate connections with people we’ve never met face to face. Is that an Oxymoron?
Digital media is global, interactive, instant and it makes it very easy to search, find and connect.
Googled any old friends lately? I recently found one serving in the army in Iraq. Another found me from Sweden…
The inter-net result is it matters less when and where you were born. The boundaries have evolved and evaporated.
Generations were traditionally defined by the interval between the birth of parents and the birth of their children. This no longer holds sway.
Even the marketing generations of the Pre-Boomers, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z are less relevant.
In a connected world  age  barely matters. Olive Riley was blogging until she passed away – at 108!
We all had a connection as humans on the same planet anyway. Now digital technology has exaggerated and accelerated this.
Generational rituals are changing too. Facebook is the new birthday party. Flickr is the new wedding photo album. Twittering is the new yack over the backyard fence.
The virtual world is a fresh source of global  interaction. It goes beyond nationality, cultural practice and spirituality.
The connection generation is here. It’s now and it’s us!

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