The History of Connection Technology

RAP2 : The Glue-volution: The History of Connection Technology

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT :  We’ve always been connected… through family, location, schools, work. And now, it’s time for the Big ‘C’ as we explore where we’ve come from and where we’re heading in the Connection Revolution.

History of Connection Technology

The Next Killer Application is…

What’s the next big thing? The film camera has been replaced by digital video… radio is thriving and being challenged by iPods and internet radio. Email has overtaken snail mail and Twitter has internetted SMS. Blogging is challenging print and Wikipedia has out-thought Encyclopedia Britanica.  YouTube has more eyeballs than TV. And, even the Blackberry has been iPhoned and this may be Googled by Android…
So, what’s next? What’s the next big killer application?
Drum roll please… The winner is… connection. That’s not one single application, it’s many and your job is to choose the best one for your situation.
The web is exploding, we don’t want to be advertised at, we want it now, we want to find and be found and we want to comment, compare and collaborate. Connecting with the right person in the right way was, and always will be, the number one game in life…

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