The First Secret to Securing Referrals

Derived from : John Jantsch, The Referral Engine
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There are two critical elements of securing referrals. The first is to be really clear on what you do – and know how to communicate this in terms your customer will understand.

Your Referral Trumpet Clarify Your Core Difference

Your Core Difference needs to be unique, worth talking about and concrete.

And, most importantly, for someone to blow your trumpet effectively, they need to be able to speak what you do clearly, accurately and simply.

Scott Ginsberg is the name-tag guy. He does it because it helps break down barriers when meeting people. He wears one everywhere he goes. Everywhere! He even carries spares in case an over zealous person rips it off. And, if that fails he has it tattooed on his chest!

If you don’t have a clear core difference, you might need to create it by tweaking, stretching or revamping what you do and how you do it. Or you simply may need to look more deeply at what you’re already doing.

Questions to Clarify Your Core Difference

• What can you highlight that you’re already doing?
• Who can you ask to point it out?
• What’s remarkable about your business?
• What do customers say about you?
• What’s the one thing you are known for?
• What’s a metaphor for what you do?

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