The Three Biggest Reasons to Blog

William Shakespeare

As William Shakespeare might have said (if he’d been alive today), “To blog or not to blog: that is the question”. If you want an online voice for yourself, your business, or your organization, your blog is your personal newspaper, radio and TV channel rolled into one. 1 Self Expression It’s been estimated over 100 […]

We Blog 3: How to Make Money From Your Blog

Four ways to make money from your blog

While your blog can be a labour of love, it can also be a profit centre for your business or the centrepiece of your entire business. It all depends on the makeup and stats of your readership. Here are four strategies to consider in order to make money from your blog.  This is an excerpt […]

Join the Microblog set – Start Tweetering, I just did…

In our previous RAP, We Blog, we looked at the whole blogging thing. As part of this, in our Book Rapper Context, we outlined the path of the web: From websites to blogs and to microblogs. The easiest way to describe this progression is to say: The web just got faster! Historically, this acceleration parallels […]

We Blog – RAP1 – Why Blog? Why create your own Media Channel?

Here’s our second slideshow RAP of We Blog: How to Create Your Own Media Channel. It’s derived from Michael A Bank’s Blogging Heroes. This RAP looks at “Why Blog?” Three main reasons for blogging: Self Expression Create Your Own Media Channel Connect to our Species Have a click through, it only take 4 minutes, and […]

We Blog – How to Create Your Own Media Channel

As a media channel, a blog doesn’t follow the same rules for success as a magazine, newspaper, radio station or TV channel. Understanding the nature of the blog medium will enhance the results you produce. Here are six tips to help you create your own media channel. The following was sourced from We Blog – […]