Ten of the Best YES Manifesto Examples

Ten of the Best YES Manifesto Examples

All of these manifesto examples are about one thing: change. But what sort of change do you want to make? There are two basic types of change. You’re either saying NO to something or YES to something. You might also think of this as away from (I don’t want that) and toward (I do want […]

How to write a Personal Manifesto in five steps

How to write a personal manifesto in five steps

One way to be inspired in life every single day is to write a personal manifesto. Today, I’ll show you how in five simple steps, four different ways you can do it and I’ll share my personal example. 1 Change your Context Last year, was a disaster for me. I failed to achieve almost all […]

Googles Six Prized Values

Derived from Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do? PROFIT : What’s important to you? What rules are you playing by? What values do you hold dear? With the arrival of the internet, some of our old values no longer support us. Here’s six things Google values for you to consider… Listen Google often avoids making […]