Know Your Clients Thoughts – Three Questions

Know Your Clients Thoughts

Know your clients thoughts is one of the keys to be successful as an expert in business. This is part 3 in a 4-part series – part one here, part two here. The Big Trap for many Business Experts The big trap for many business experts – both beginners and seasoned pros – is that […]

Best Books for Writers and Authors

Best Books for Writers and Authors What are the best books for writers and authors? I’ve been reading a lot of books – as usual – and in particular, books to help me with my writing. Here is my list of best books for writers and authors. I’ll add more as I read them. Plus […]

Presenting Data

Darren Hill

Best ever TED Videos What’s your favorite TED video? Here’s one of my favorites… You may have seen it… It’s been seen over nine million times and it’s listed as one of the TED Classics. It’s by Hans Rosling. It’s called ‘The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen’. Bold title! I love this TED video because […]