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Project Passion Elephant

Review your Results in Two Simple Steps

Review Your Results Too many of us spend too long getting things done and not enough time learning from what we’ve achieved (or not). This is tragic when you can you review your results in two simple steps and dramatically improve your future performance. Imagine this… You’ve just finished your work (your day, your project…

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Why You Need Stories - Business Story

Your Business Story

Previously I shared a key story in identifying my calling and the start of my entrepreneur’s journey. It was sparked by one of the books we rapped at Book Rapper called Power Stories by Valerie Khoo. Your Everyday Business Story Today, I want to share a fundamental story that we all tell whenever we meet…

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Calling - Drawing Board

What’s Your Calling?

One of the recent books we rapped through Book Rapper was Power Stories by Valerie Khoo. We reviewed this book here. Power Stories contains guidelines for you to create eight important stories for your business. Epic stories equals epic business. The Entrepreneur’s Journey One of the eight business stories to write is your entrepreneur’s journey.…

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David Christian - TED Talk

Create and Share BIG Ideas

The History of the World This Video is rated by TED itself as one of “11 Must-see TED talks”. High praise indeed! It’s by Australian Historian David Christian and it’s dramatically called “The history of our world in 18 minutes”. If you’re interested in BIG history, astronomy, chemistry, physics and biology you’ll love this talk.…

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Story Arcs example: The Blacklist

Story Arcs – Keep Your Readers Reading

This is the fourth article in a series of how to Turn Your Blog Posts into Books. Here’s the first article. Here’s the second. Here’s the third. What is a Story Arc? Typically when a visitor comes a clicking to your website and your blog they’re looking for a single thing. Your challenge as a…

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