Best and Worst Times to Make Money from Content

The Best and Worst Times to Make Money from Content

When is the best time to make money from your content? And when is the worst? In this post, I’ll share what marketing expert Seth Godin said about the best time plus I’ll share some of the mistakes I’ve made that you want to avoid – the worst time to make money from your content […]

Seven Pitch Techniques to be more Persuasive

Daniel Pink - To Sell is Human

Seven Pitch Techniques to help you be more persuasive Having a range of pitch techniques in your toolkit is vital if you want to be effective at persuasion and influence. And this is not just for sales. You can use pitch techniques in a meeting to present an idea, a presentation to position a message […]

How to Sell Your Service – 13 Sneaky Easy Ways

How to Sell Your Service - 13 sneaky easy ways to sell more with less effort

How to Sell Your Service How to sell your service is the killer question for all thought leaders, business experts and service providers. In this post we share 13 sneak easy ways that are sitting right under your nose. We’ve all been to the supermarket and been confronted by those beautifully smelling product samples. And, […]

Content Marketing Strategy: Six Ways to Make Money

Make Money From Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy – Six Business Models to make money from your content. Episode 018 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Content Marketing Strategy Creating and sharing your expertise through Content Marketing is the new way to attract your ideal customers. It’s low cost or no cost, positions you as the expert and it […]

How Sales Has Changed

Manifesto - Inspire me!

I was recently asked by Brett Jarman and Jan Terkelsen from Self Employment Mastery to be interviewed for their podcast. Listen to the podcast here. For me, this was particularly interesting for two reasons… Meeting People Firstly, I’ve had a few chats with Brett on Twitter and we’ve never met face to face prior to […]