Why Experts Fail To Attract New Clients

Experts Fail - Driver

Are Your Promotions Backwards? Have you ever wondered why your best efforts sometimes fail? I most certainly have. I’d back myself that when I put in the thinking time I produce some really good stuff. But, then it doesn’t take off and I wonder why. And, then I spot someone who gets the client job […]

Get Paid to Promote Yourself

Get Paid to Promote Yourself Episode 024 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Promote Yourself For most businesses, marketing is listed as an expense in the profit and loss statement. In this podcast episode we discuss four key principles for flipping this on it’s head and turn your marketing expenses into a new income […]

The Book Rapper Promotional Postcards

The four essential elements to create a Promotional Postcard Promotional postcards are a great way to stand out in an era of digital technology and social media because they are counter to or opposite to what most people are doing. In this example, I share a recent promotional postcard I created for the Book Rapper […]

How to Create a Promotional Flyer

I’ve been creating a promotional flyer for Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint conference that I’m attending this week in Sydney. Thought I’d share my line of thinking for how I’d created my flyer… What’s My Objective? Before I design anything I always what to know what I’m out to achieve. You need this to focus your attention […]

It’s Not About the Workshop, Seminar, Boot Camp, Conference or Event!

Lance Armstrong book “It’s Not About The Bike” is an inspiring read and can be applied to almost all walks of life. And, in particular in this blog post I want to talk about it in relation to the marketing of your workshop, seminar, boot camp, conference or event. And, while I’m at it, you […]

How to Get Paid to Promote Yourself

The holy grail of marketing is to get paid to promote yourself. This magical scenario is more achievable than you might think. And, in this webinar you’ll learn: • Why books are dying • What t-shirts, sunglasses and motor cars have in common • Why a digital diary is significantly better than a paper one […]