It’s Not About the Workshop, Seminar, Boot Camp, Conference or Event!

Lance Armstrong book “It’s Not About The Bike” is an inspiring read and can be applied to almost all walks of life.

And, in particular in this blog post I want to talk about it in relation to the marketing of your workshop, seminar, boot camp, conference or event. And, while I’m at it, you can also apply it to your other service offerings: coaching, consulting, speaking, mentoring, webinars, facilitating, etc. Plus, any of your product offerings… your books, your audio files, your online courses, video kits, playing cards, board games, etc.

A Universal Marketing Concept

This is a universal concept that applies to all of your marketing!

In his book, Armstrong talks about what drove him to recover from cancer. And he talks about getting back on his bicycle, becoming a professional cyclist again and competing in the Tour De France. And, in the same breath, he says “It’s not about the bike!” What he means is… It’s all about taking on the challenge of being alive! A potent idea worth reflecting on.

Promoting Your Event

So, what’s does this have to with marketing your workshop, seminar, boot camp, conference or event?

I’ve been working with a client to create a seminar series. In particular, we’ve been writing some marketing and promotional copy for his website. The first draft by the client produced a predictable result. And, one of the most common mistakes we make when we promote our own events. It was all about the seminar! It included all the usual stuff: where it was being held, how much it would cost, when it was on…

This is understandable and ineffective. Understandable that this is what we are creating at a practical level. Ineffective because your audience is not interested in a workshop, seminar, boot camp, conference or event.

What is Your Audience Buying?

The problem is one of focus. We’re focussing on what we’re doing. Whereas, to be an effective marketer and promoter we need to focus on what our audience is buying.

  • What’s keeping them awake at night?
  • What’s the stone in their shoe?
  • What do they need a hand with right now?

The key is to separate how you deliver your message from the result you are producing. To market and promote your workshop, seminar, boot camp, conference or event sell the result or benefit.

Two Big Bonuses

The big bonus here in separating your delivery from your results is that you can easily invent other ways to deliver the same result. For instance, your seminar can become a book, a speaking gig, a coaching service or a webinar series.

And, the cream on top… you position yourself as an expert and boost your brand power in the process.

Remember, it’s not about the workshop, seminar, boot camp, conference or event!

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