Seven Disruption Design Principles

Seven Disruption Design Principles

Here are the seven principles from my new-old book Every New Thing… I’ve been thinking of them as design principles for new products and services. And, given they could create revolutionary products I’m calling them disruption design principles… 1 Inform: tell me something Definition: Things that inform us, educate us, we can learn from In […]

Innovation Design Principles

Cisco Chairman, John Chambers

Previously I introduced my book from 2001, Every New Product. And, my intention to update it based on current events. Thus, my new old book… And, this will be my basic theme for my blog for the near future. Today I want to share the underlying concept behind the book: Design Principles The Need for […]

Success Principles to Grow Your Business

Success Principles to Grow Your Business Episode 023 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Success Principles This episode started out as part of my review of my business for 2013. I was looking at what worked, what didn’t and what I could do differently in 2014 to create my best year yet. As I […]

FAQ on The Manifesto Manifesto

Do all manifestos have to have include all nine principles? No. Simple manifestos may simply have a list of actions. For example, Christianity’s Ten Commandments is a powerful manifesto that is merely a list of 10 things to do or not do. Likewise, the Manifesto Manifesto doesn’t include all nine principles! (Should I change this?) […]

Manifestos: Our Manifesto For Creating Yours

Manifesto Project - How to Write a Manifesto

Manifestos have a structure to them. And, here’s are our nine principles for creating yours. Click on the headings for a deeper explanation. The Nine Manifesto Principles 1.    Manifestos are primal Manifestos are the first and most fundamental thing you should create. They’re your foundation stone upon which all other things are built. Create them, […]