Three simple ways to define your thought leadership

Three simple ways to define your thought leadership

How do you define your thought leadership? That’s a big question for content creators and aspiring thought leaders. I know a lot of people, including me, who have wasted a lot of time over many years trying to get this right. We’ve spent years going back and forth, back and forth, trying this and trying […]

Hero’s Journey: Create your Brand and Marketing Message

Donald Miller - Building a Story Brand Book Cover

Hero’s Journey and What You Do The Hero’s Journey is a great tool to use when you’re asked the inevitable business question: What do you do? How do you usually answer that? Do you respond with a generic category? “I’m a… Business Coach, Accountant or Trainer.” Do you respond with your job title and business […]

How to Showcase Your Expertise

Write 100 Blog Posts

In our recent podcast episode we explored How to Choose Your Best Online Channel. Most of the focus was on the ins and outs of the different online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Podcasts. And, nested within this conversation were some core principles. Part of this was, three questions to help you […]

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Failure?

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As I write this I’m sitting in a cafe at Federation Square in Melbourne. To get here I’ve just strolled along Southbank by the Yarra River on a bright sunny day. I was looking for ‘the’ place to sit and write for an hour or two until my next meeting. I was particularly interested in […]

How to Select Your Content Marketing Channels

One of the challenges everyone faces around Content Marketing is to select their channels or their modes of sharing. Should I blog? Should I do video? Should I do a podcast? What are you positioned to attract? Recently, I was approached by a successful entrepreneur to work for his organisation. He had been a fan […]

The Best Way to Create And Own a Unique Position in the Market

The number one question I’m asked is: “How can I create and own a unique position in the market?” It’s an important question because when you know the answer a whole bunch of things fall into place like dominoes falling over each other. For instance, you can then easily determine: What to focus on and […]