Manifesto Score Case Study: JFK’s Moon Landing Speech

Our third Case Study using the Manifesto Score… Manifesto: Man on the Moon Speech – Original speech to a join session of Congress, May 25, 1961. Created by: US President John F Kennedy Source: Manifesto Score YES Manifestos are primal: JFK’s speech was a manifesto declaring a new future. YES Manifestos terminate the past: […]

JFK’s Land a Man on the Moon Speech – 2

In our previous post we looked at John F Kennedy’s declaration that lead to man landing on the moon. Today, we want to explore the bigger context of this challenge… the deeper manifesto within the same speech. The underlying theme is freedom over tyranny. “…These are extraordinary times. And we face an extraordinary challenge. Our […]

JFK’s Land a Man on the Moon Speech – 1

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the surface of the moon. This was the direct result of a public declaration made by US President John F Kennedy eight years earlier. At the time of the announcement, the US was engaged in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Winning the […]