Manifesto Meaning – Write a Manifesto to Create Your Future

Manifesto Meaning - How to write a manifesto to create your future

How do you create your future? That’s a pretty important question for all of us – personally, in our careers and in business. And how can you write a manifesto (manifesto meaning) to do this? Today, I’ll answer both of these questions. Manifesto Meaning Let’s start with manifesto meaning. What does the word manifesto mean? […]

The Dirty Big Difference Between Vision and Mission

The dirty big difference between vision and mission

What’s the difference between a vision and a mission? Having a clear vision or mission statement can be a great way to provide focus, direction and alignment for you, your team, or your business. But what’s the difference between a vision and a mission? And which one do you need right now? In this post, […]

Welcome to My World!

I’ve been blogging over at for the past couple of years… over 300 posts. And, now I’m swinging over to my own domain name, From now on, all my new content will be posted here. Posts, E-books and Books My long term plan is to write at least one book each year. Yeah, […]