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Zach Friend

Zach Friend – On Message

Zach Friend, On Message: How a Compelling Narrative Will Make Your Organization Succeed, Turner Publishing, Nashville, 2013. Walk Your Talk Given I’m a designer of messages and information products, I’m willing to admit I’m a hard marker when it comes to judging the design and layout of books. The old proverb ‘don’t judge a book…

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Message Match

The Secret to Creating Message Envy

Message Envy As the Ideas Architect I spend a lot of time looking at the communication of ideas. You could say I’m obsessed. I’m constantly checking out signs, advertising, labels, book covers, blogs and more to see what and how they organize and share their message. Mostly, I’m highly critical. I don’t mean negative, I…

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Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean Create Powerful Stories

Susan Orlean is a staff writer at the New Yorker, author of numerous books and author of the Skillshare course ‘Creative Non-Fiction’. In a recent interview with Mitch Joel on the Twist Image podcast (episode #434) she shares the key to creating powerful stories. The key is to be able to switch mindsets from learner…

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