The Ultimate Way to Align Your Vision Mission Purpose

The Ultimate Way to Align Your Vision Mission Purpose

What’s the difference between vision mission and purpose? And most importantly, what’s the best way to align them to drive your success? Vision, mission and purpose statements can look and sound the same. But that’s like saying a pen, pencil and a marker are all the same. Yes, you can draw with all of them. […]

What is a manifesto? 21 Synonyms for Manifesto

What is a manifesto? 21 Synonyms for Manifesto

What is a manifesto? To find out the obvious thing to do is look up a dictionary definition. But manifesto is an umbrella term. Which means it’s a catch-all for a lot of other words. Therefore, it makes more sense to define a manifesto by looking for manifesto synonyms – other words that mean the […]

How to Write a Manifesto – 9 Questions, 9 Manifesto Examples

How to Write a Manifesto - Nine Questions, Nine Manifesto Examples

How to write a manifesto How to write a manifesto, create a vision or define your brand? You answer these nine questions. The key is to find the right angle – the viewpoint that helps you stand up for what you believe in and stand out in the noisy marketplace. You do want to be […]

The Dirty Big Difference Between Vision and Mission

The dirty big difference between vision and mission

What’s the difference between a vision and a mission? Having a clear vision or mission statement can be a great way to provide focus, direction and alignment for you, your team, or your business. But what’s the difference between a vision and a mission? And which one do you need right now? In this post, […]

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King

Today is Martin Luther King Day. It’s a national holiday celebrated in the US each year on the third Monday of January. And, given King’s I Have a Dream speech is one of the all-time great manifestos, I want to review a couple of his methods for leading the civil rights movement through the lens […]

Four Types of Manifestos

Write a Manifesto Four Ways - The Four Types of Manifesto

What are the four types of manifestos? Knowing this will help you write a manifesto to create your future, and possibly the future of those around you as well. [Updated and Expanded Dec 2022] There are four main ways to write a manifesto because there are four types of manifestos. But which one is the […]

Martin Luther King, I Have a Dream (Part 2) Previously, we presented Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech as a manifesto proclaiming a new future. In this post we revisit his speech and link it to the US Declaration of Independence… In a sense we’ve come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote […]

Martin Luther King, I Have a Dream (Part 1) Context On the 28th of August 1963, several hundred thousand people congregated at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC for a series of speeches. One of the key presenters was Martin Luther King. He spoke his manifesto for 17 minutes. And his ‘I have a dream’ speech became a symbolic turning point in the […]

Famous Manifestos – Our Top Ten

Famous Manifestos - The Top Ten of All Time

Famous Manifestos – The top ten of all time What are the most famous manifestos ever written? Now, that’s a great conversation to have at the dinner table if you want a robust discussion. But beware, it might also lead to a debate on the content of these manifestos. For instance, as soon as you […]