Work Freedom and True Work Life Balance

Work Freedom - Seven Principles for True Work Life Balance

Work Freedom – Seven Principles for true work life balance. Work Life Balance is something that we all want. We want to enjoy our lives, enjoy our work and boost our well-being at the same time. But the concept is flawed.  It’s like we’re putting work and life on a see-saw – work up one end […]

Location Independent Lifestyle Design – 7 Principles for a Great Life

Location Independent Lifestyle Design

Location Independent Lifestyle Design – what are the seven most important things to consider? When we think of location independent living, we tend to think of all the good things of jetting around the world, sitting on a beach and having a great life. While that might be what we want to have happen, what […]

Deep Minimalism with Geoff McDonald

Deep Minimalism

Deep Minimalism Deep Minimalism is the topic of Geoff McDonald’s next book. It’s what you get when you apply the principles of Minimalism to all (or at least, more) areas of your life. The first slice of this topic is shaping as a standalone book, Minimal Work. In this podcast episode (#115 of the Ideas […]

Shawn Achor, Before Happiness

Before Happiness

The Book Shawn Achor, Beyond Happiness: The 5 hidden keys to achieving success, spreading happiness and sustaining positive change, Crown Business, New York, 2013. His Previous Book Shawn Achor’s first and previous best selling book, The Happiness Advantage, showed if you want to be successful it pays to be happy before you start. In this […]

Shawn Achor: Success Formula

Shawn Achor

Best Book of 2014 Recently I shared the ten best books I read in 2014. And, at the time I wrote that list I had read 49 books for the year and had one more book to reach my goal of 50. Well, a funny thing happened. The 50th book I read was the best […]

Happiness: Seven Books To Make You Happier

7 Happiness Books

Happiness is probably the biggest trend on the planet. And, that’s because it impacts all seven billion of us every single day. In the Western World it’s become a hot thing over the past 10 years as brain science and a psychological flip has us focussing on positive mental health and not just illness. Here’s […]

Strengths Finder: What are you great at?

Four Strengths Finder Questions

Strengths Finder Want to be happy? And, boost your wellbeing? And, be more satisfied with your life? Graeme Cowan suggests in his new book Back from the Brink, that we can achieve all of this if we simply work in our strengths. So, what are you great at? Whilst this post is all about me, […]

Best Books of the Decade

Best Books of the Decade What better way to round out the decade than declare the best books I’ve read during this time.So, how do you choose the best books you’ve read? I felt I had to go with the ones that have changed how I see the world and how I act in it. […]

Book Rapper’s Hot Books for 2009

Here’s the Book Rapper Hot Books for 2009. Here’s my Top Ten list of the books I want to be reading that reflect the biggest issues of our time… Authenticity The Book: Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, Authenticity The Hot Idea: As consumers crave experiences fake ones don’t count. If your product and service is […]