When To Work for Free – Podcast

Every now and then I write a blog post that strikes a chord and sparks some conversation. And, this podcast prompted a few comments, phone calls and even some debate amongst friends. We asked the perennial business question that seems to confront all solo operators at some stage of their career: When is it OK […]

When is it OK to work for Free?

Money tree - when is it ok to work for free?

When should you work for free? That can be a tricky question to answer sometimes… We discuss the pros and cons of working for free across eleven different scenarios. (Also available as a podcast episode to listen to – link at the bottom of this page)) [Updated 1 March 2022 – Podcast link added] Recently, […]

A Business Revolution: Free or Fee

Here’s the slides from our Book Rapper webinar derived from Chris Anderson’s Free. He’s the author of The Long Tail which we rapped in our first ever issue as Make Money From Niches. His book Free, is a few years old now. And, from chatting with clients and colleagues, it’s clear many have not incorporated […]

The ‘Free’ Debate

One of the fun questions that is often asked at dinner parties and in light-hearted interviews is “Who would you most like to have dinner with?” The question conjures up the image of a bunch of important people sitting around the table and chewing the fat over a lively debate of world-changing ideas. The internet […]

We Blog – RAP2 – The Blog Medium – Getting Great Results for Your Blog

Here’s our third slideshow RAP of We Blog: How to Create Your Own Media Channel. It’s derived from Michael A Bank’s Blogging Heroes. This RAP looks at “The Blog Medium”. The better we understand the Blog Medium, the better the more successful your blog will be. We look at six qualities of the Blog Medium: […]

Free Chris Anderson!

No he’s not in jail. At least not that I know of…Chris Anderson, author of “The Long Tail” is working on his next book “Free” – due out in 2009.As is usual for most authors, a second book is going to be a continuation of their first in some form and Anderson follows this path. […]