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How to be focused and stay focused

Photo by Alfonso Reyes on Unsplash The Meaning of Focus According to Google, the word ‘focus’ is searched between one million and ten million times every single month. That makes it a very popular and desirable thing. While some of these searches are looking for a car – a Ford Focus, many other people do want to be…

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Focussed Wealth Strategy

Where is your focus?

Driving in the Dark Last night I was driving home in the rain. It appeared to be darker than usual. Given it hadn’t rained in Melbourne for a while I thought that I simply wasn’t used to driving in those conditions. As I drove closer to home I started to think there was something wrong…

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Critical things - exercise

Five Critical Things

Recently I had my Book Rapper website hacked. The good news is that they merely were able to log into some server files and they didn’t deface my site. This prompted talking to my web hosts WD3 and their Managing Director Brian Coogan about website safety on our Ideas Architect podcast. Brian was able to…

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