Zoe Freeman – Digital Marketing Strategy

Zoe Freeman - Digital Marketing Strategy

What are the phases that the web has passed through and where are we going next? Zoe Freeman This is the gist of the conversation we have with Digital Marketing and Strategy Consultant Zoe Freeman. Zoe’s career has passed through four stages of digital media and currently she is working with a number of clients […]

Community: An Update to the Update

In my previous post I suggested that one of the hot trends at the moment was around ‘community’. I stick with that assertion and let me clarify it a little further… Communities, tribes, clusters have been around for yonks. They’re not new. Living in a cave with a couple of families was probably our first […]

Meatball Sundae – The New Marketing by Seth Godin

Seth Godin - Short Blog Posts

What business are you in? Marketing delivers the answer to that and marketing just changed! A short summary of Seth Godin’s book, Meatball Sundae. We rapped this book as part of the Book Rapper book summary series. 14 Marketing Trends 14 trends are redefining marketing. These trends are transforming businesses that have the right products […]