How to Attract Referrals

Your Referral Trumpet

How to build a business that Generates Leads and Referrals for You How to build a business that generates leads and referrals for you is based on the Book Rapper summary of John Jantsch’s book The Referral Engine. [Updated and Edited 10 May 2022]. The Big Idea Too often referrals are a BTW – “By […]

Cultural Relationships

Cultural Relationships

This is our sixth in a series of posts from the Book Rapper issue Authentic. It’s derived from Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones’ book Why Should Anyone Be Led By You that discusses what it takes to be an authentic leader. Previously in this series: The Three Leadership Situations Conform Enough Being a leader implies […]

How to Become the Apple of Your Industry

This slideshow is derived from the Book Rapper version of John Edson’s fabulous book: Design Like Apple – Seven Principles for Creating Insanely Great Products Services and Experiences. Your challenge is to take these principles and become the Apple of your industry.   How to Become the Apple of Your Industry from Geoff McDonald