Cult Following – Attract a Flood of Referrals

Cult Following

Brands are the new Religion and building a cult following is the key to attracting a flood of referrals. Welcome to Episode 011 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Cult Following Geoff McDonald shares his ideas about how to attract a cult following and build a brand built on referrals. This episode covers one […]

How I Joined a Cult and Didn’t Know It

I think most of us are members of cults and we don’t even know it. Is that you? Are you a member of a cult? Usually, we immediately shake our heads and say, “Absolutely not!” Being a member of a cult is not really something you put on your census form. Play along and see […]

How to Create a Cult Following – Slideshow

Most of the time branding is merely cosmetic. It makes you look good but doesn’t earn you any money. A more powerful approach is to design the systems and touch points your customers have with your business – your entire business. Do this well and you’ll attract customers, build loyalty and generate referrals. In this […]