The Best Format for Thought Leadership Content in 2023

The best format for Thought Leadership Content in 2023

What is the best format or medium for your thought leadership content in 2023? Is it video, audio, visuals or words? In this post, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of each of these mediums or content formats. Plus, I’ll give you three rules of thumb to help you pick the best one for you […]

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients – Podcast

Ideal Client

Welcome to Episode 002 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic… Today we’re talking about how to attract your ideal clients. It’s the audio recording of a recent webinar we did on this topic. Essentially, it’s the story of how marketing and sales has changed dramatically due to content marketing and social media. Previously, advertising […]

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients – Slideshow

Do you have enough clients? Are they your ideal clients? And, how hard are you working to have them work with you? In this webinar we explore how you can stand out from the crowd and stop being just another service provider competing on price and constantly chasing clients. We present a big idea that […]

Is Audio Content better than the Written Word?

One of the great lessons for me from writing and publishing Book Rapper was the limit of the written word. Book Rapper was designed as a series of documents you sat down and read. Whilst they were all derived from the one book, each page was concise and a unique chunk in itself. It wasn’t […]