The Rise of Mobile Computing

Mobile ComputingMobile computing? It doesn’t seem that different to what we’ve had for a while. So what’s new now? And, why is this such a significant trend? If you want to ride the wave, you first need to understand it. Here we define mobile computer, why it’s special and a new wave of opportunity.

More Than a Phone

Mobile computing includes tablet computers and app phones. Not simply any cell or mobile phone. App phones are a distinct category of smartphone – they’re computers first, phone second. eg iPad and iPhone

New and Different

Don’t expect bigger or better versions of existing things. New technology typically does not displace bigger predecessor technologies. Instead, new, different and unexpected applications emerge that couldn’t be seen in the previous worldview.

Mobile Computing DriversProducts to Software

The big shift is that many physical things will become virtual or digital. And, for business the easiest way to re-think your enterprise is to act as if you are a software company. New world, new rules, fresh behaviour.

Two major technological waves are feeding each other…

  1. Universal access to mobile computers
  2. Widespread use of social networks

The Mobile Ecosystem

It’s not just the size of mobile that makes the difference. It’s the overall mobile computing ecosystem that’s driving this revolution.

  • Affordable – no peripherals to add, no setup costs, cheap bandwidth
  • Longer battery life – less reliant on need to be close to a power outlet.
  • Multi-touch user interface – means anyone can use them – old, young, illiterate…
  • Apps – cheap, easy to buy, many are free, easy to learn, do one thing super well – no need to visit website, direct to customer
  • The App Store – new model of software purchases, micro-transactions, one-stop purchasing
  • Senses the world nearby – GPS combined with augmented reality, location based services

This is an extract from the Book Rapper issue Mobilize Me: Why Mobile Computing is the Key to Your Future. It’s derived from Michael Saylor’s book The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything. Here is the slideshow from this Book Rapper issue.


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