5 Ways Mobile Transforms Health

Mobile Health

If you’re thinking your mobile phone is changing the way we do almost everything, then you’d be right. Here are five ways that mobile technology is transforming the health industry.

Health care in the US accounts for 17% of GDP. And, whilst they pay more for health, life expectancy remains below most of Europe. Mobile computing can shift this and extend health care to those who need it around the world. Here we look at five ways this can happen.

1 Medical Records

A huge medical cost lies in paper. The cost to store, the inefficiency and potential for mistakes in poor search. Mobile provides a way to create a complete and ongoing record at the time of diagnosis.

2 Telemedicine

The app iStethoscope enables you to pick up your heart rate via your phone. Send this to your doctor and they can monitor you from afar – telemedicine. This will shorten hospital stays and save lives, especially for heart attack patients. (iStethoscope on iTunes)

3 Enabling the Disabled

The multimedia capabilities of mobile devices can provide the sensory data needed by the deaf and blind through sub-titled conversations and converting text to audio.

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4 Global Medical Care

Seeing patients faster is instantly possible if you can do it virtually. And, it spreads the expertise of specialists to those who need it when they need it. Better access means better care.

5 Third World

As people become healthier, their economies grow healthier too. Mobile devices spin this cycle faster. And, the collection of information has a worldwide application in mapping disease.

This is an extract from the Book Rapper issue Mobilize Me: Why Mobile Computing is the Key to Your Future. It’s derived from Michael Saylor’s book The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything. Here is the slideshow from this Book Rapper issue.

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