Here’s some of my other projects and websites that are still running…

Ideas Architect

My main business site. I operate as the Ideas Architect helping people to bring their ideas to life. This usually starts as unearthing their key ideas, polishing them so they’ll attract the right clients and creating profitable products or services. My speciality is custom design board games used for corporate training.

Book Rapper

This site has been my major project for the past three years. It offers 35+ visual book summaries of important business books. Each summary is detailed with actions, visual models and can be read in 30 minutes. Over 50,000 issues have now been downloaded!


Twit Rapper

A sister site to Book Rapper. It translates the Book Rapper summaries into a micro summary of 26 tweets. These are then created as a book movie – an animated slideshow.


Lifestyle Health Check

This online coaching tool was created when I was running a coaching business some years back. It’s a way to measure your lifestyle and the level of satisfaction in your life. It covers 13 different domains of life including money, relationships, career, work, spirituality, dignity, emotional responses, friendships, family, world issues and your health and wellbeing.



This site was created to share my thoughts and projections on creativity and innovation, design trends plus my art based research. You can read over 100 articles, download some ebooks and check out my paintings and sculptures. Sneak peek of the future… My plan is to resurrect this next year with a major art based project.


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