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January has two speeds… either you take a relaxed start to the New Year or you steal a head start.

If you’re ready and raring to kick off the New Year with some thing new… a new product, a new presentation or a new program then Head Start might be exactly what you are looking for…

(I’m thinking of writing a new book… or maybe re-launching Book Rapper or creating some online courses…)

Head Start is Project Passion on steroids… Normally, Project Passion runs over 12 weeks. Head Start is a 4-week intensive starting Thursday January 5 and finishing Tuesday January 31. That’s seven sessions in four weeks.

The goal is for you to get more business development done in this four-week program than you will for the rest of the year!

This comes from being part of a strategic coaching program. Plus, you’ll have no excuses with any clients interrupting you.

We’ll be online using webinar technology so you can join in from anywhere… including your holiday shack at the beach. However, this is no vacation! You will need to be ready to work. This is not one of those programs where you just sit back and get spoon fed lots of information that you forget soon after.

The whole point is to provide structure, support and accountability so you turn your New Year resolutions into real-world results – by the end of January. Imagine that… by the end of January you’ve already ticked off one big goal for the year. That’s what we mean by a head start!

Why Most Projects Fail

Most Project Planning programs don’t do it the right way – they only focus on WHAT to do. Of course, we need to focus on what to do because without it nothing happens. However, I know from personal experience that this is not always enough. There is always a moment in every project where the honeymoon period ends and the tough stuff begins. Sometimes you can apply willpower and discipline to keep going and sometimes you just can’t.

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That’s why we’ve created Project Passion. It’s Project Design that includes your emotions, your inspiration and your passion in the design of your project. It’s includes WHY you are doing it, HOW you are going to stay on track, plus WHAT ELSE you need to streamline your effort. This is the framework you will use to design your project to create your best possible chance of success.

Project Planning Versus Project Design

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What You Will Learn

  • The difference between Project Planning and Project Design
  • Why your Default Future is holding you back
  • How to be inspired every day
  • Why relying on willpower and discipline doesn’t work
  • How to create new habits that make life easy
  • Why the Elephant is more important than the Rider
  • How to shape your environment to make it easier to do the right thing at the right time
  • The secret to being able to access any resource you need
  • How to overcome any obstacle

The really good news is that thanks to our beta testers in our first Project Passion program we’ve streamlined things so you will get more done with less effort. We won’t be creating big plans anymore.

Instead, I’m redesigning everything from the ground up using the principles of Scrum and Agile – the secret weapon of successful software developers around the world. The goal is to create a finished something at least every week. And, simply learning how to run a project the agile way will be a huge head start you can keep using way beyond this program!

What You Will Create

More important than what you will learn, is what you will create. Take a moment to think about your most important business challenge is right now… How would you feel when you’ve have had a breakthrough in that area of your business by the end of January? That’s the real prize.

There is a greater need than ever before to be smart, to have great ideas and to be able to commercialize them and put them into practice. Geoff is one of the people that does that better than anyone I know.

Gihan Perera, author of mulitiple books, including: The Future of Leadership and Fast, Flat and Free

Two Choices

You can join the Project Passion Program in either of two ways:

Individual Program

$3000 plus GST – ten sessions over 90 days and you can set the meeting times that suit you best.

Buy Now – Individual

Group Program

$450 plus GST – Our first ever 4-week intensive program starts on Thursday January 5 and includes 7 sessions. Whilst most people will have forgotten about their New Years Resolutions by then, you’ll be making your’s come true!

Buy Now – Group
Session Date Day

Jan 5
No Session

Note: We will only be taking 10 people and four slots have already been taken. Six remain.

You helped me a lot in the early days of creating what is now the Bucket List brand – Thank you!

Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy

10x Value

To put the price of this program into context, think about what you want to create for yourself… Aim for 10 times value. For instance, if you paid $3000 plus GST for the Individual Program and you created a project around ‘Getting new clients’, could you generate $30,000 worth of new sales during this time? Likewise, for the group program, can you add $4500 worth of value to your business?

The other side of the equation is to look at the cost of not acting now. For instance, if you’re running your business all on your own and know you need to outsource some tasks, the cost to your health, potential for client mistakes or even family breakdowns could easily be the 10x value you need to make joining the program more than worthwhile.

And, remember the key advantage to the Project Passion Program is that you’ll have support to keep you accountable, lift your flagging spirits and coaching for when you get stuck.

My Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake I’ve made way too often in my business is to consistently try to do things all by myself. Sometimes I get away with it, often I don’t. We all need support, particularly when we run into hurdles we didn’t expect. And, that’s almost certain if you’re taking on something new.

The Support You Need

Join our program to gain the support you need. It’s based on the latest thinking from world experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, leadership, environmental design, design thinking and gaming. Its been created to have you win. It’s with a coach to keep you accountable and see things clearly when you get stuck. And, it’s with business people just like you pursuing similar goals. They can cheer you on and they may even be able to help you access the resources you need.

I leave every conversation with Geoff with clarity, energy and a concrete plan. Brilliant!

Taruni Falconer, Founder-Owner of Intercultural Dynamics

Access Anywhere

We’ll be online using webinar technology so you can join in from anywhere you have an internet connection… including your holiday shack at the beach.

However, this is no vacation! You will need to be ready to work. This is not one of those programs where you just sit back and get spoon fed lots of information that you forget soon after. Whilst you’ll learn a lot about the best way for you to get things done and make stuff happen, it’s not about that.

The whole point is to provide structure, support and accountability so you turn your New Year resolutions into real-world results – by the end of January. Naturally, you’ll need to take committed action between our sessions.

All of our sessions will be recorded in case you miss one. Plus, you can ask as many questions as you like, share your wins and learn from your fellow participants. Further, we’ll post your Course Manual and support materials online so you can access them at any time.

How It Works

The Head Start Project Passion program runs for only 4 weeks. It’s an intensive. The goal is to complete a project that would normally take about 90 days or a quarter of the year. We can do this because we’ve streamlined how you can win your project, plus you won’t have clients interupting you. You really can achieve a lot in that time. So think big… What would be a great result for you and your business in that time frame?

The program includes seven live sessions that each run for two hours.

Naturally we’d love it if you could attend every session and we know this may not be possible because you’ll be busy winning your game. If this happens we’ve got you covered with recordings, slides and manuals available for each session.

Time and Dates

Tuesday and Thursday mornings – Melbourne time – 9:00am to 11:00am – Ten sessions over 13 weeks

Are you up for this?

The most important thing we need from you is to create and undertake a Business Project you are committed to fulfilling. We want you to be in action, to be inspired and to play as if your business depends on it!

Also, you need to be willing and able to participate in the online sessions. This is all about being in action. Whilst all sessions will be recorded to ensure you don’t miss anything, it’s not quite the same as being part of the live conversation.

Accountability – important!

During each session we will be checking your progress. This will provide complete transparency for everyone in the group around what you said you would do and what you actually did. I’ll also be sharing my promises and my actions for my project.

This is a crucial five-minute weekly task that could be the most important thing you do to take you from failure to success.

We will then discuss how you are travelling… Are you on track, off-track or have you lost track? And, if necessary we can then have a coaching conversation with you to put you back on your path to success.

This means you need to be coachable. In our first session we will ask you to commit to this – without it our project partnership will not work. Being coachable means being open to a conversation about how your project is going and what is holding you back. Sometimes this can be difficult when a challenging obstacle confronts you. We will provide the care, respect and trust that is central to this conversation.

You gave me clarity and got me moving – huge! Many thanks for getting me started in an area I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.

Michael Grose, Parenting Ideas and author of multiple books including Thriving

Session Design

Each session will consist of five pre-designed elements:

  1. Check In – Is your project on track?
  2. Coaching – What do you need to accelerate your results?
  3. Big Idea – What do you need to create a breakthrough?
  4. Requests – What do you need from other people?
  5. Completion – What did you learn and what will you do next?

Who is Project Passion For?

This is a business program. This means you’ll be creating and winning a business-based project – what this looks like is up to you. This also means the time commitment you will need to fulfil your project will vary.

You could be just starting your business or have years of experience. Whilst we will be talking about business strategy and we will offer some suggestions, we won’t be telling you how to run your business.

Mostly, we’ll be focusing on what you need to win your game – this may include some personal coaching and even a personal breakthrough.

And, so you know… I’ll be running my own project at the same time as you – I’ll be writing and publishing a new book in 90 days. This puts me in the arena with you so I’ll know what you’re going through and how it feels. Plus, I’ll be sharing my wins, my losses and my struggles. And, if things get really desperate, you might have to coach me! LOL!

Geoff has an astonishing ability to see things from many and varied angles. He combines his outstanding design capability with a creative mind that draws on diverse resources to come up with solutions that you could not have imagined yourself. If you need a creative solution to a challenging problem… call Geoff!

Helen Macdonald, Optimism Zone, Former National President NSAA (PSA)


The program is based on what we’ve learnt from Book Rapper and some of the best business books by some of the best business thinkers on the planet. We’ll include the nine specific Book Rapper issues as a bonus to deepen your learning from the program. Valued at $97.

Project Passion - Book Rapper Issues

Make it Happen!

Individual Program

$3000 plus GST – ten sessions over 90 days and you can set the meeting times that suit you best.

Buy Now – Individual

Group Program

$450 plus GST – Our first ever 4-week intensive program starts on Thursday January 5 and includes 7 sessions.

Note: We will only be taking 10 people and five places are already taken.

Buy Now – Group
We can offer a payment plan if this helps you manage your cash flow. Email Geoff to discuss this.