Optimism Zone Postcard Case Study

Following on from our earlier post on the Three Keys to Turning Your Postcard into a Keepsake, here’s a case study to demonstrate.

Case Study: Helen Macdonald, Optimism Zone

Helen Macdonald Optimism Zone Postcard

Fridge Test: Would you put this image on your fridge? I would. It’s a gorgeous photo of sunflowers. Plus it has a simple message that is not trying to sell you something.

Next Step: This is a great example of a next step. It only invites you to do one thing – visit the Optimism Zone Facebook page. It’s simple, specific and direct. And, best of all, it gives you a concise why as to why you might take this action.

Translation Text: This is Helen’s Manifesto. It provides context and meaning to the image and the call to action.

Website: OptimismZone.com


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