My Blogging Heroes

Blogging Heroes - Michael A Banks - Book Cover
The “We Blog” Issue of Book Rapper was derived from Michael A Banks’ book Blogging Heroes.

In his book Banks interviewed 30 of the most influential bloggers on the web.
The Book Rapper version compiled these into a series of RAPs, many of which we’ve offered as slideshows and featured in this blog. See them all on our Slideshare site.

Plus we compared Movies and Blogs highlighting that both of these technologies derive from the acceleration of other media.

Today, I’m posting about three of my Blogging Heroes.

Smart simple Seth…
The famous Seth Godin writes one of the simplest, easy-to-read blogs I know. I model my writing on his: short, sharp, insightful. He’s also the master at turning his blog posts into books.

Read it to learn from one clued in dude!

Local Lad Darren Rowse…
In the big wide world web, I didn’t really expect to be following someone who lives in the same town…
Darren Rowse, aka Problogger, is also a Melbourne boy.
Too bad he barracks for the Blues!
He writes one of the best blogs on how to write a better blog. My post today is inspired by Darren’s program 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

Read it to better your blog.

And, my new favourite, courtesy of a Seth link… Chris Guillebeau.
Now, the interesting thing here is that Chris writes about his adventure to visit every country on the planet. Whilst, that’s not my trip, I love his blog model.
Download and read his free manifesto, 279 Days. Then write your own. I’m building a new blog based upon Chris’ model that’ll be available soon.

Read it to be inspired by one man’s journey.

And now, it’s your turn, who are your Blogging Heroes?


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