Marketing Trend – Consumers Talk 2

Marketing Trend #12 - Consumers talking to other consumers

This is marketing trend #12 in a series of 14 marketing trends adapted from Seth Godin’s book Meatball Sundae. Previously in this series: Consumer to Producer

Consumers Talk to Each Other

In the Old Marketing, consumers were scattered all over the place with little or no connection to each other. They may have bumped into each other in your store, they may have chatted at a family gathering, a school open day or at the footy and that was about it.

In the New Marketing, consumers are not just talking to a few friends face to face, they’re talking to the producers of goods and now they’re advising each other what to buy and not, openly online and all over the planet.

With this level of direct conversation Consumer to Consumer, they can now start selling to each other. Ebay has enabled hundreds of thousands of people around the world to quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs selling from their spare room. CafePress offers similar advantages. It provides an outlet for consumers to thrive and flourish. We all want that!

Social networking is consumers hanging out with other consumers. They band together to create new groups, new organizations and new demand.

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This is from the Book Rapper issue Marketing How-Now that is derived from Seth Godin’s brilliant book Meatball Sundae.


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