Manifesto Ultimate Guide

Be in my next book!

I believe a manifesto is the simplest and most powerful way to position you as a business expert. And, my major goal for 2016 is to publish ‘The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Business Manifesto.”

Plus, I want to include you in this project. I want fresh, original and unique examples to include in my book. So, if you want to be in my book you’ll need to create a manifesto.

All of this…

To show that I’m really committed to making this happen I want to make it really attractive for you to work with me to create a fantastic result. Here’s what I’m offering…

Not for everyone…

This offer is not for everyone. You need to be able to devote at least 5 hours to this process in the next 2-3 weeks. And, I want a high quality result to make this worthwhile for both of us.

Previously I have coached people in this process and they have paid more than $1500.

The First Five Only…

For the first five people only this offer is available for a mere $200 +GST. That’s a huge amount of value for a very small fee. That’s how committed I am to making this happen!

Plus, I am also going to promote your manifesto on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and to my email lists.

Send me a message here if you’re interested.

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