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Jack Schafer with Marvin Karlins

In this review of Jack Schafer and Marvin Karlin’s book The Like Switch, I view it as an author and creator of books and ebooks. As such, I’m constantly trying to tune into why I pick up some books and not others. Why did I like the like switch?

This is a really useful habit for anyone wanting to write and sell their own book because the reasons you pick up one book or not, are likely to be the same reasons that someone else may or may not pick up your book.

In the case of The Like Switch by Jack Schafer PhD with Marvin Karlins PhD, there were two critical factors that stood out.

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Jack Schafer with Marvin Karlins - The Like Switch
The Like Switch

In terms of subject matter, The Like Switch is in the spirit of the famous Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

As the sub-title tells us, it’s all about influencing, attracting and winning people over.

And, I’m really glad that these weren’t part of the main title. If they had, my eyes would have glazed over and I would have walked straight passed this book and onto oodles of others calling for my love and adoration. I think these words are over-used, clichéd and done. I’m a tough audience of one!

Thus the power of the title: The Like Switch. What is that? That’s a novel twist.

It’s a great metaphor that stood up and grabbed my attention like a naked body of your preferred gender persuasion running down the street.

It’s also a beautiful benefit-driven title. ‘You mean, I can flick a switch and get people to like me? Yes, I’ll have some of that thanks!’ And, so I did. I picked up the book to find out more.

An Ex-FBI Agent

The second part of the one-two punch was the start of the sub-title: “An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to…”

For me, this was crucial. It powerfully suggests that the book will have a unique perspective and most likely some interesting stories. And, it does!

If the book had been written by a university professor or a no-name expert I would not have picked up the book. In my world, this would not have ticked the essential box: ‘interesting perspective’.

It was this double whammy of the powerful metaphor ‘The Like Switch’ and the ‘Ex-FBI Agent’ that made me read this book.

Read Jack Schafer The Like Switch if…

Given the exploding array of choices of books to read, picking up your book and reading it is a big ask. Many fine books don’t get picked up simply because they fail these first simple Laws of Attraction.

Unfortunately, I loved the title and the expertise more than I loved this book. It’s good, it’s interesting and it didn’t blow me away.

Given I have done some study in this area through my coach training, a lot of it was a mere extension of what I think I know. With your different experience to mine, it may be a more fulfilling experience.

It’s a highly practical, intriguing book filled with things you can test and use today.

Read this if you do want more people to like you. The subtle tips and tricks will work.

More on Influence: Gihan Perera talks about how to build your online influence.


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