iPresent: How to enthrall your audience like Steve Jobs – Part 8

iPresent: How to enthrall your audience like Steve Jobs – Part 8
Derived from : Carmine Gallo; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Book Rapper Context : The Virtual Presenter – Part 1

True Connections
Do you know where the word ‘phoney’ comes from?
If you guessed it had something to do with the ‘telephone’, then you’re on the right track.

The first phone conversations were not considered to be real conversations. They were ‘phoney’.
Today this word is synonym
ous with ‘fake and false’.
Most of us now accept phone calls as being a valid way to catch up, chat up and make up with our friends, family and colleagues.
Other communication modes have taken a similar path.

  • Email was considered not a ‘true’ communication mode. It didn’t let you express your tone of voice. 🙂
  • Txting wasn’t either – particularly because it did a hatchet job on our traditional ways of spelling.
  • Now, social media is under the same spell. They’re not ‘real friends’, they’re merely ‘friendlies’.

New Communications
Digital media is changing the way we communicate.
Many of our communication industries and professions are morphing too – or at least they need to be!

  • Newspapers are no longer viable in their current form.
  • Independent Bloggers have become a compelling new media channel.
  • Mass media advertising has been Googled.
  • Traditional PR has a feather-like impact on public opinion.
  • The movie industry has been outplayed by the gaming revolution.
  • Speakers Bureaus and other brokers are losing their voice. Google lets you tap the source directly.

Presentation Modes

This Book Rapper issue is centred on keynote presenting. And like everyone else, professional speakers will need to heed the seeds of digital media. Their path sounds like the introduction of the telephone: a move from the natural to the virtual. A natural conversation is face-to-face, in real-time and two-way. A virtual conversation may be the opposite:

  • Face to Place: Like a phone call, the speaker and the audience are in different places
  • Time-Reel: Like an audio recording, the listener tunes in when it suits them
  • One-Way: Like TV, the audience is not able to interact with the speaker

Or, it may be a hybrid, some combination of these three styles.
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