The Ideas Marketing Board Game

Ideas Marketing Yes, you read it right! The Ideas Marketing Board Game!

I’m pretty excited about this. Some of you may know that under the banner of Ideas Architect I design custom board games for clients to translate their training programs into an activity they can license or franchise to others.

Most training merely presents a bunch of concepts. In contrast, with board games the concepts are embedded in the play. And, to win you need to use the concepts in a strategic way. Plus, you get instant feedback on what’s working and what’s not. This’s why games are one of the best ways to learn! And, one of the most enjoyable!

Well, now I’ve walked my own talk and created a game around the principles of Ideas Marketing:

  • Capture your BIG idea in your manifesto
  • Define your focus in your campaign
  • Package and publish your idea via Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Create experiences for your customers to saviour and share
  • Design and build artifacts and products that earn you money and spread the word
  • Assemble your community of followers into your own cult
  • Design practices that immortalise your idea

The game will be played as a three hour seminar. We’ll do a quick intro of the game and the participants. Then you’ll play for at least two hours. And finally, we’ll debrief what you’ve learnt so you can go back to your business and apply it.


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