How to Post Content Whilst You Travel

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I’ve had a few people ask me how I kept posting content whilst I was travelling through Asia for 7 weeks. They were even more interested when I told them I didn’t have regular internet access.

Well, let me share a secret with you… only 1% of the content I posted was done whilst I was away.

So, what did I do? Essentially, I scheduled blog posts before I went and used feeds to share these to other locations. Ah, the illusion of the internet! Let me explain further…

Blog Posts

In the months before I went travelling I wrote and scheduled 100 blog posts. I needed at least 50 days of content to cover the time I travelled, plus one for each day in the lead up.

The posts were either:

  • Written from scratch
  • Modified from previous material, or
  • Created previously and yet to be published.


Using Twitterfeed, I sent up an automatic feed that checked my blog each day and converted it into a tweet. Thus at least one tweet went out each day.


I also used a tool called Buffer to capture and post Tweets from the newspapers and websites I read along the way. This only happened maybe 10 times in the trip and was enough to suggest I was still alive!


I only updated on Facebook 5-6 times whilst I was away. Had intended to do more and didn’t get it done. In hindsight, my posts were probably a week apart so it seemed like I was more active than I was.


My Twitter feed also goes to my LinkedIn account. So the blog feed became a twitter feed and an update on LinkedIn without me tapping a key stroke.


Whilst to the untrained eye this might seem like magic, it is relatively easy to do. This did work for me on my trip because I had minimal time to do it whilst I was away. However, be aware the downside is that it leaves very little room for interaction, engagement and relationship. It’s more of a one-way publish strategy to get you out of trouble.

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