How to Interact With Your Followers, Fans and Customers

Fans, Followers and Customers

In our previous blog, I admitted that I’d been ignoring fans, follows and customers. And, just in case, you’ve been doing something similar, here’s some things I’m going to do about it that you can steal and adopt for your own purposes.


  • When someone follows send a direct message with a thank you note, link to something useful or an ebook gift.
  • Create a ‘Thanks for following’ tweet and list your new follows.
  • Visit their tweet stream and retweet something.
  • Read their bio and make a comment about it.

Newsletter Subscribers

Usually when someone subscribes it’s to get some useful immediately. For instance, video course, ebook or access to something wonderful. Let’s add to this…

  • Send them a personal email and ask how you can help them. Or ask them for their opinion about something relevant. For example, for Book Rapper, I could ask: Are there particular books you could recommend to me to read and RAP?
  • Immediately offer to sell them something at a very healthy, once-only discount. Whilst this might seem self-serving, if the deal is good, this can be a big win for your subscriber too.
  • Invite your subscribers to complete a survey and in return give them an added bonus.


When someone connects with you, check out their profile and send them a comment related to what you found. Here’s some suggestions…

  • Most people are members of groups. If you find that in their profile, ask them which one you’d recommend to join.
  • Find something unusual about their profile and comment on that.
  • Ask them how they found you or what prompted them to connect with you.
  • Perhaps make a comment on their location.

Blog Comments

  • When someone adds a comment to your blog, it’s generally recommended you reply as soon as you can.

Any other actions, practices and task you might add to this list to interact with your followers, fans and customers?

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