Are You Ignoring Your Customers?

Fans, Followers and Customers

I realised something alarmingly obvious the other day. It shocked me, surprised me and shook me to my boots.

I realised I was ignoring my friends, followers and fans.

If I was running a retail store, it would be like having a potential customer enter the store and not walking up to them to ask them what they need.


It started to dawn on me on Twitter. I had a bunch of people following me. And, this was annoying me because it meant there was another email in my email box saying @followyou had followed me. I went into the Twitter settings and was about to turn these emails off.

And, then I stopped and thought. This doesn’t make sense. I’ll keep these emails coming.

Newsletter Subscribers

Then, it dawned on me again when I noticed I was getting all these emails about people signing up to my Book Rapper newsletter. I was ready to delete them all.

Then, it finally clicked. This is what social media is all about! This is what building a community is all about.

Talk about miss the point! It’s pretty obvious in hindsight isn’t it?

I apologise to those of you who have followed me on Twitter or subscribed to Book Rapper. If you have recently, I’ll be in touch.

My question for you is this:

Are your ignoring your customers?

Or, more importantly:

Are you engaging with the people who are expressing an interest in what you do?

In our next post we’ll look at ways to interact your customers… right from the first interaction.

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