How to Inspire Your Customers To Buy

Simon Sinek: Start With Why The Apple iPod was one of the most expensive MP3 players on the market and typically had fewer features. Yet it had over 60% market share. What was the secret to Apple’s success? And, how did they inspire thousands of customers worldwide to queue overnight to purchase their iPhones and iPads?

In our next Book Rapper webinar we’ll explore how they did this. It’s derived from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why.

In this webinar you’ll learn…

1. How to re-ignite your passion, energy and drive for your business
2. How to use your business to fulfil your purpose in life
3. How to attract your ideal customers more easily
4. How to be a great leader and engage and incite action in others
5. How to inspire your customers to buy almost everything you offer

Who Should Attend…

Ideal for anyone in business wanting to take their performance and results to another level.


Date: Thursday November 24
Time: 12:30pm to 1:15pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia) We will start at 12:35pm.
Location: At your computer, it’s a webinar!

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