How to Give Your Idea a Potent Twist

Made to Stick The Book

Chip and Dan Heath, Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck; Random House; London; 2007.

The BIG Idea

Your greatest asset is your mind; your greatest advantage is the stickiness of your messaging.

Speed RAP

We’re all scientists in one way. We all have theories and hypotheses. We’re all forever testing our latest big idea. You think you know how an idea might turn out, but you can’t be sure. You may well find that you get a different result from the one you anticipated. We all regularly have to revise our idea of how the world works in light of new information.

A successful idea gets to the simple truth – the core message – of a communication. A successful idea, message or product works because people get it.

Your Challenge

If you want, or expect, someone to want or buy your ideas you ought to be willing to put in the effort to make it land and stick in the mind of your audience. Take the time to reverse-engineer every idea before you commit and give it a shockingly potent TWIST – The ‘Will It Stick’ Test. We’ve upped Book Rapper’s stickiness; now up yours!


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