A Home-Office You Love by Geoff McDonald

A Home-Office You Love

Can you remember the first time you fell in love?

Can you imagine “A Home-Office You Love”?

“A Home-Office You Love” is one that aligns with your personal mission, your beliefs and what’s important to you. It reflects the strategies and daily actions you undertake to get your jobs done. It also fits with what you want, not and in the future. How can you co-ordinate all these things in a single design?

How can you create “A Home-Office You Love”?

The Design Coach can lead you through the process in a fun and entertaining way. This practical workbook is written as a parable so it’s easy to read. It also includes challenging exercises that culminate in a “Home-Office Map” where you will define:

“…A “must-have” book for anyone conducting their business from home.

“…A practical workbook that is fun to work with and takes you step by step through the things that really matter…”
Jo Kruithof, A Home-Based consultant and author of the award winning book ‘Quality Thinking – Thinking Quality’.

“…A valuable resources that is useful, to keep dipping into as a source of inspiration and as a series of ongoing exercises.”
Brian Waring, A Home-Based consultant and Director of Profit Focused Planning.

Geoff McDonald is the originator of the term “Design-Your-Own” (DYO), which highlights the technological push that empowers everyone to design their own environments. In this, his first book, he provides a simple design strategy for you to create “A Home-Office You Love”.

ISBN 0 646 27718 9

Currently out of print. An ebook version will be available very soon… (July 2016)


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