Five Books I Like for August 2012

August Books

Which book should we RAP for August 2012? Here’s five books to select from.

There is a sixth book to fill our six leadership categories… I’ve decided if there is a strong runner-up in the voting from the previous month then that book should get another chance to be voted the book to rap.

Last month we rapped Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habits.

The strong runner-up was: Dov Seidman’s How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything

Here’s our five new contenders for August…


David Agus - The End of IllnessThe End of Illness

David B Agus, MD
(Self Leadership)

What does it mean to be healthy? The author is an oncologist who has waged a war on cancer. And, he offers this through a systemic view of our bodies and our overall health. The results will surprise: Why sitting down all day can be worse than smoking, how sneaky daily doses of inflammation can cause cancer and the single most important thing you can do to improve your health that costs you nothing. It’s time to incorporate our business and our health into lifestyles that last.

[easyazon-link asin=”1451610173″ locale=”us”]Buy The End of Illness on Amazon (affiliate) [/easyazon-link]


Barbara Kellerman - The End of LeadershipThe End of Leadership

Barbara Kellerman

Leadership has become an industry. It prescribes practices, courses and events for leaders to attend and to follow. This books puts this industry under the microscope to flesh out the contradictions, separate the theory from the practice and pose a future for both leaders and followers in a world of new technology and cultural change. It’s an informed critique from a respected leadership authority.

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Jonah Lehrer - ImagineImagine

How Creativity Works
Jonah Lehrer

This book blends the latest in neuroscience with numerous case studies to explode the myths and legends of the creative mind. Lehrer explains why brainstorming doesn’t work, presents Bob Dylan’s songwriting strategy and how an autistic surfer came up with a new surf move. It’s an exploration of the ‘aha’ and the wonder of ‘what causes insight’? Includes a bunch of practices you can put to use to create your next masterpiece.

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Infinite VisionInfinite Vision

How Aravind Became the World’s Greatest Business Case for Compassion
Pavithra K. Mehta and Suchitra Shenoy

How do you deliver world class medical care to millions of people and let them choose how much they want to pay? Sounds impossible. Yet, it is the story of India’s Aravind which is working to cure the world of blindness. This is the ultimate story of blending making money and doing good. It’s highlights the emerging trend of social entrepreneurship.

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Michael Saylor - The Mobile WaveThe Mobile Wave

How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything
Michael Saylor
(Big Idea)

The fifth wave of computing technology is coming. There’s a version of it in your pocket right now – it’s your smartphone. The mobile world is coming like a tidal wave and it’s making a Harvard education available to everyone, forcing all businesses to think like software companies, creating a cash-less society, replacing service jobs and turning land assets into a liability. A look at the near future now.

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