Book Review: Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Dealing with the Tough StuffDarren Hill, Allison Hill and Dr Sean Richardson, Dealing with the Tough Stuff; Jossey-Bass; 2012.

Disclaimer: This book was a gift from the authors.

There’s an old saying ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. And, with this book I did – to my cost.

I’m highly visual. In writing Book Rapper, I loiter around in bookstores to source new books… I deliberately judge books by their covers – this determines which ones I pick up and which I don’t. If the title doesn’t grab me or the cover looks dull or badly designed, I just don’t pick it up. Done. Missed your chance.

And, if I do pick it up and it looks second rate inside, then it’ll get less eye-time and more than likely finish up back on the shelf rather than taken home. The books I buy need to look good too!

Unfortunately, with this book I was really disappointed with its look and feel. And, this meant it sat in my pile of books to read for several months. Had I not promised the authors that I would read it and write a review about it, then I wouldn’t have.

And, I’m glad I stuck to my promise. This is a really well thought through and cleverly written book – particularly since there are three authors involved – with two Australian based and the other in Canada.

What it’s about

This book is about the crucial conversations we all need to face up to at some time in life. At work, at home, with friends, with family…

What I Liked

Highly practical suggestions and frameworks for crucial conversations. Too many books like this give glib common sense suggestions. Not very useful. In contrast, there’s power in these pages with some strong psychological and behavioural frames to instantly employ.

I love the cute chapter titles – Dealing with the tough stuff, fluff stuff, gruff stuff…

It’s written by highly qualified experts in the field and in a way that’s highly readable. Darren is a behavioural scientist and Alison and Sean are both psychologists.

Who’s It For

Whilst written with numerous examples of conversational issues in the workplace, the principles and guidelines can be applied where ever people bump into each other. Super suited to managers.

What You’ll Get From It

Highly practical ways to:

  • Achieve clarity,
  • Work with stubborn behaviour,
  • Manage high emotions,
  • Deal with restructures, redundancy and dismissal
  • And more…

Why You Should Buy It

It’s a vital tool for getting by in life. Use it to create the job, family, relationships and life you want! Managers of dysfunctional teams should make this their new business bible.

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