Blog Mission

Blog Mission

Welcome to the first post of the Book Rapper blog.

Book Rapper’s RAPs are like book summaries on steroids. We track the hot trends through books, dig out the key ideas and present them visually with do-able actions for you to implement.

This blog is a discussion about the hot books and the hot trends, including the books we have RAPPED, the ones we are considering and the reasons for their inclusion.

Think of this blog as ‘Hot Books, Hot Trends’.

Update 1000 blog posts later…

[Update November 2021]

Wow. Here I am, still blogging over 13 years and 1000 blog posts later.

It’s been a stop-start journey. At times I’ve posted flat out – one post a day for over 100 days. At other times I’ve gone to sleep for months and even a year at a time.

On average, over 680 months I have posted 1000 blogs or about one and a half times each week. That’s mixed. Better than most and fewer than I hoped for.

As I write this I’m back writing one post (with one video) each week. That’s my new standard.

Plus, the topics have changed. When I started I was running my book summary service Book Rapper. That stopped and started, waxed and waned too. In the end, I published 63 issues or about 850 pages of content.

Further, I’ve written five books, posted over 250 manifestos over at and written over 1000 posts on LinkedIn that don’t appear here. Plus there are over 100 podcast episodes here too.

That’s a big fat body of work that I’m proud of.

The topics have changed a little too. It’s not the Book Rapper blog anymore. Now I’m writing about two main themes:

  1. Work from Anywhere – including my next book Work Freedom
  2. Thought Leadership – including another book I’m writing ‘How to become a Thought Leader‘.

The work from anywhere theme is a new one, but the thought leadership one is more of what I’ve been coaching people about.

And this will be what you can expect from me over the next 12 months. After that, who knows…


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