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Adam Grant – Give and Take

Adam Grant - Give and Take bookIn this podcast episode I’m sharing a book that I’ve recently read and have been telling everyone about. It’s been a real eye-opener for me as it describes one important aspect of who I am and how that helps me be successful plus it points out where I often fail.

And, whilst there are thousands of books on the topic ‘What does it take to be successful?’ this book flips conventional wisdom and presents a unique and surprising perspective.

Our Topic: Adam Grant, Give and Take

The book is called: Give and Take – A Revolutionary Approach to Success. The author is Adam Grant. He’s a Wharton Business School Professor and Organisational Psychologist.

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Geoff McDonald - Give and Take ProfileIn this Podcast Episode

  • Learn the difference between a giver, taker and matcher
  • Find out why the giver is the least successful style
  • Find out which style is the most successful
  • Discover which reciprocity style is prone to faking it
  • Find out ways to give more generously
  • Find out ways to protect yourself as a giver
  • Learn how a Reciprocity Ring could transform networking events
  • Ideas Architect PodcastKnow the secret of the five-minute favour

Show Links

  • The book website – includes a 5 minute 15 question profiling tool to find out your preferred style (see my example above). You can also download Chapter 1 for free.

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